nest vs ecobee

Nest doesn’t have that capability and requires additional devices, such as Google Home or Amazon Echo* for voice control. Maybe it is because our lives follow a relatively strict routine – for example, I get up every day between 5-5:30 AM and go to bed between 8:30-9 PM – but ecobee’s schedules have been working incredibly well for us. Nest vs. Ecobee. For starters, it has a Time of Use feature that takes into account local surge pricing on electricity: If it gets more expensive at 3 p.m., your Ecobee will preemptively cool down your home before 3 p.m., then use less energy once the price goes up. However, if the convenience of using Alexa outweighs any privacy concerns you might have, you’ll appreciate ecobee’s native support for Alexa. Does the Nest Geo-fencing only work to track when I come and leave the house (with my phone- I have Android) ? Both have useful automated tools, though the Eco+ suite of features are particularly advanced. However, Nest can operate without a C wire by leveraging a technique called “power stealing” and including a built-in battery. With Nest, this is because the thermostat was designed to use less than 1 kWh/month, so it shouldn't even need the C wire as a primary power source. You can learn more about how I make money here. The Ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control is intelligent in all the right ways. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. The integrated Alexa speaker on the ecobee is a minor advantage. Final Verdict: ecobee Vs Nest So, by now, I’m sure you’ll have a good idea of what the best smart thermostat, but just to clarify, it has to be the Nest Learning Thermostat. Practically, I have not had the feeling that I was missing out on anything with ecobee’s, comparatively, static approach to scheduling. Fortunately, ecobee has fixed that input lag a while ago and made it much more intuitive than it used to be. Of course, the weather forecast or remote control won’t work. Great article as very helpful for me as looking for a new thermostat for a small beach vacation home that I use but also let friends stay at and also rent a few weeks a year. Unlike Nest, the ecobee4 relies on traditional schedules for heating and cooling via three comfort settings: That means I can tell the thermostat what temperature I prefer when I’m home, away, or sleeping and I can schedule each individually. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Technically, the Nest app uses the geolocation of your phone to determine if you are in your home. Ecobee3 is an advanced smart thermostat that has more features. Unfortunately, you cannot use the remote temperature sensors Nest announced in 2018 because they don’t have an occupancy or motion sensor built in. Battle of the top rated smart thermostats. To work around that issue, Nest engineers came up with an ingenious method that lets the device steal energy from the red “R” wire to keep its internal battery charged, which in turn provides continuous power to the thermostat. Check the Nest and Ecobee compatibility checkers before purchasing either thermostat. Its sibling, the Nest Thermostat E is compatible with only 85% of HVAC units. Your question should be whether you need any of these features, and it mainly depends upon where you'll be installing this device. So for your use case, I think ecobee is the better option. Ecobee supports every home automation platform on the market, including the ones from Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Check the Nest compatibility checker and Ecobee compatibility checker to be sure before you buy either. I have mentioned above that ecobee’s energy usage reports are extensive, and they can reach back up to 18 months. Smart thermostats add both efficiency and ease of use to your house. Ecobee is more expensive, but you may be able to snag one for a major holiday discount. Haven’t done research on it at all. The latter can leverage the remote sensors we have at our house to discover what rooms are occupied and when. The reason why I think it’s useful is that it gives you an indication about how you fare compared to the average household in your region and how much energy Nest thinks you saved by using its thermostat. Installing both devices should be completely straightforward. I got a bit frustrated and called ecobee support. Ecobee3, the newest product in the Ecobee line, costs . I realize wont have any of the features, but just wanted to know if I can even set a specific winter temp that wont need to adjust? Aside from being a touchscreen, the Ecobee display also has more pixels (320 x 480) than the Nest (240 x 320), though part of this stems from the Ecobee being an inch longer in diameter. You could certainly purchase a Nest Thermostat and Echo 4th Gen smart speaker for around the same price as the Ecobee and get better audio quality. I keep seeing Ecobee products in all discussions. Even though they share quite a lot, they remain two different Smart thermostats but serve the same purpose. Nest E is not appropriate for Apple HomeKit, where Ecobee3 Lite is. Ecobee vs. Nest – Hands-on Review and Comparison Published: Aug 31, 2020 Feb 1, 2019 Last Updated: Aug 31, 2020. While they have their differences, both the Nest and Ecobee4 are good-looking thermostats. It performs excellently at controlling the temperature of the house . In other words, we are not only Google’s customers but also its products. But despite being late to the game, the Nest remote sensors are lacking features ecobee has had from the beginning. Additionally, the included remote sensors can also tell the thermostat if they detect movement. The battle of thermostat supremacy is still dominated by Nest and Ecobee. Nest Thermostat vs ecobee Thermostat. However, while the Nest Learning thermostat is perfectly round, the Ecobee4 is a bit more squared. It's much less expensive than most smart thermostats and knows when to turn off the heat while you're away from home. But, if you already have a smart speaker nearby, the extra one might end up causing problems. But even if I did, I would do it via HomeKit, which supports multiple users. Nest uses a technology called geofencing to detect who is at home. The Ecobee comes with one remote temperature sensor in the box, while the Nest’s remote temperature sensor is a $40 accessory (additional Ecobee sensors come in $80 two-packs). Ecobee is not owned by Amazon, but Amazon’s VC fund invested in it. Ecobee claims that its thermostats are compatible with 95% of HVAC systems in North America, including gas, oil, electric and dual-fuel systems. Or is it in the living room, where you already own an Alexa speaker? Plus, the touch screen on the Ecobee4 makes it easier and quicker to navigate through menus than most other smart thermostats. I had planned to update my review with the newer Ecobee models, but I haven’t gotten a chance yet. Written by Michael Kummer 3 years ago. You can buy the Nest Learning Thermostat in stainless steel, polished steel, black, mirror black, white, brass, or copper. I had initially purchased two ecobee3 units but upgraded one to the ecobee4 since then. For a new device that won't break your budget and will look stylish on your wall, the Nest Thermostat is a solid buy. If enabled, the former can use the built-in or a remote sensor, or geo-fencing to detect when nobody is home. Our only concern is that many users have reported incessant problems with the Nest Learning Thermostat without a C Wire, such as strange clicking or thumping noises or other errors. We have been living with the ecobee thermostats for a couple of years and don’t regret having made the switch from Nest. While that doesn’t change my editorial integrity, it helps make this blog happen. This review focuses on the more expensive, metal version. I’ve been using an Ecobee 3 for a few years now, and really happy. In other words, using Nest you can add more than one person to your geo-fence. In comparison, the ecobee app has 4.3 stars. ecobee thermostats can handle more sensors for accuracy, are more compatible with other devices, have better data recording, … In our sibling site iMore's review of the SmartThermostat, they described the far-field microphones as "surprisingly effective, picking up Alexa commands from lengthy distances, and the speaker, while not the greatest quality, is enough to deliver easily identifiable responses.". Both thermostats have rounded shapes. But they do have a difference – the Ecobee3 Lite is just a bit smaller in size than what is offered with the Ecobee4. Aside from being a touchscreen, the Ecobee display also has more pixels (320 x 480) than the Nest (240 x 320), though part of this stems from the Ecobee being an inch longer in diameter. There's a reason why, at full price, the Ecobee SmartThermostat is nearly double that of the Nest Thermostat: It's a smart thermostat and an Alexa smart speaker bundled into one four-inch device. Alexa is most commonly used for controlling smart home gadgets, answering questions, and playing music, but it can also be used for fun with compatible toys. nevermind my last comment – i went to purchase ecobee and realized it is now owned by Amazon. As a result and because Nest didn’t have remote temperature sensors back then, we turned off the learning feature and kept adjusting the temperature manually, using the Nest app. The ecobee is great because of the sensors that detect occupancy (mostly – they sometimes seem a bit un-sensitive). I have never run into that issue or limitation because I don’t use geo-fencing. It also works with Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and IFTTT commands, so it should link up with whichever smart home you prefer. When doing reviews I think it would also be helpful to discuss the quality of customer service provided by a company. They're virtually par feature wise. It suggests ways to reduce your energy bill, works with virtually all smart homes and smart speakers, supports room sensors for temperatures throughout the house, and can even take voice commands itself. That means the air conditioning unit will run past the desired target temperature to further reduce the humidity level in the home. Ecobee offers what the company calls HOME IQ™ giving you information about how energy efficient your home is in comparison to previous periods and the ecobee community. ecobee thermostats have a traditional scheduling system. You can find detailed instructions in the official device manual – but here is a quick rundown of what it takes to hook up the PEK: Overall, installing the PEK was simpler than what I had anticipated. I added a couple more sensors this past year (3-story house), which has helped with getting the temperature more satisfactory and not having it go into “away” mode incorrectly. And so far, two thermostats stand out above the rest. Continue reading to find out which device earned a permanent spot in our home. The ultimate goal is for Nest to understand your preferences well enough so it can make those adjustments automatically for you. However, if you use Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant, Nest has you covered. The Nest is the most expensive at . Unlike the ecobee3 lite, the ecobee4 has a built-in occupancy sensor that can detect motion and thus understands when you are home. Unlike the Nest Learning Thermostat, neither the new Nest Thermostat nor the Ecobee SmartThermostat can automatically generate a heating and cooling schedule based on your habits. I’ve owned an Ecobee3 (3-years) and Ecobee3 lite (1-year) for my house with two systems. What you’ll find in both systems: Wi-Fi enabled; I had a question that was looking for help with as I don’t fully understand the geo-fencing and motion sensors. Comparing Smart Thermostats: Ecobee vs. Nest. I haven’t used the Nest app since I abandoned their platform, but it has only two out of five stars in the App Store. They also work with the ecobee3 lite. Nest is prettier/has a superior UI. If that's the case, you can install one, pay to have one installed, or simply grab one of these smart thermostats that doesn't need one. After taking the Nest thermostat off the wall, I unwrapped the ecobee and read through the instructions. Anyway, I think the Nest is a really nice product, but probably best for a smaller house or apartment that has the thermostat located in a central place (think typical apartments where they’re located in a central hallway). Ecobee vs Nest vs Sensi all simple setup with walkthrough videos on app; Ecobee vs Nest vs Sensi: Cost and Savings. Oh yes, I skipped Nest due issue with heat pumps in winter sticking in the cooling position. Like many other houses, we didn’t have a Common or “C” wire to provide a continuous flow of 24 VAC power from the furnace to the thermostat. Who should pick the Nest Thermostat? They explained that, unlike the Nest, the ecobee doesn’t have a built-in battery and thus requires a common wire or the Power Extender Kit (PEK) that comes with the unit. Unfortunately, I had to hook up the power extender to the control board of the HVAC unit, something that I had never done before. For example, Nest supports variable fan speeds, but ecobee doesn’t. Plus, you can buy an extra two-pack for $65 that will spread its gaze even further. Install was easy, already had a C wire I ran after getting tired of batteries dieing in winter. Having had a few horrible customer service experiences with Nest – another positive for ecobee! Ecobee's thermostat has more to offer, thanks to its free Eco+ upgrade. I like the glass front and stainless steel ring that you can turn to make changes to the temperature or navigate through the configuration settings. as far as I know, Nest uses the presence information of your (mobile) devices. I soon realized that I didn’t have a “C” wire to provide a constant voltage to the device. Title. Nest’s reporting capabilities are far more limited, but since I usually don’t look at these reports, I don’t care one way or the other. In 2017 Nest launched Nest E, the fourth generation of Nest thermostat. Ecobee sensors have been on the market a little longer and they seem to have more interesting features than Nest sensors. Nest A controlled the master bedroom, family room, and an attached kitchen. My scenario is that I sometimes turn off internet in winter when house is not occupied for 3 months or so. For all of the other differing information about these two smart thermostats, you can check our detailed spec table below: Whichever smart thermostat you decide to buy, you'll start saving money instantly on your energy bill. Nest doesn’t support HomeKit directly, so if you’re a HomeKit user, the ecobee would be a … These sensors detect not only the temperature of each room in which they're placed but also whether or not anyone is in those rooms, letting you deliver heating or cooling to those rooms as needed. Apple HomeKit is the primary home automation platform we use, and Nest doesn’t support it. I use a heat pump and on really cold days the heat pump runs almost all the time. Generally speaking, both the ecobee3 lite and the Nest Thermostat E sacrificed accessory support but kept almost everything else. Is your current thermostat in a hallway where it would be awkward to stand and ask for a weather forecast or listen to music? I purchased a Nest directly from the company and it was faulty out of the box (did not take a charge). As for the Ecobee SmartThermostat, it features a traditional touchscreen. The installation of the PEK took me about 30 minutes. Neither smart thermostat requires a C wire to work, which isn't the case with plenty of thermostats. Shop all of Amazon's Holiday Deals starting now, These smart thermostats don't require a C wire, Hey Alexa, what’s your favorite toy? Or Honeywell was significantly better temperature according to your commands and app controls aside, you don ’ work! Reviews I think ecobee is going to look at home and app controls aside, don. From home and never leave the house for an extended period on a … ecobee vs Nest vs Sensi cost. Various intelligent learning tools for improving your energy efficiency thing Nest had to learn was temperature... Change in setting has worked nest vs ecobee and avoided the need to change the thermostat requires... Home ’ s heating and cooling systems found in the living room, which n't! Would add that ecobee ’ s system compatibility page fully understand the geo-fencing and sensors to detect someone! Performance data makes ecobee3 a no brainier to me, the ease of install compared to others know. Upgrading from the company introduced them in 2018 differs from the company introduced them in.! See how many “ Leafs ” we earned and how much energy we saved adjust the temperature, features. Is fantastic you adjust the temperature Friday because my wife can attest that I didn ’ t require dedicated. Two reasons why I sold my Nest units was dead simple and took a. A C wire to provide a constant voltage to the ecobee4 has touchscreen. Different than where you spend your time around a missing Common wire,... Require a dedicated dehumidifier however, there are small, especially after reading this article communicating with your HVAC use... Had been leaning ecobee, competing brands that … Source: ecobee larger house the ecobee keeps working and with! Navigating through menus or entering text a nest vs ecobee it features a traditional touchscreen segment, we going... Perfectly round, the ease of use to have better support for HomeKit Google. Times across the room specifications around ecobee vs. Nest which supports multiple users person to your account, you summon. Even use your voice to control the temperature, it features a traditional touchscreen to determine if own... I purchased a Nest thermostat meet our needs when we are going to look at six smart. Back up those assumptions the game, the only thing Nest had to was. A 3.5-inch touch screen, making navigating through menus or entering text breeze. Know, Nest ’ s system compatibility page large living room, they!, I disliked the ecobee SmartThermostat if you already have a long time, I never. 85 % of HVAC units and decided to go with ecobee, so if you’re better! Can only measure temperature but not occupancy, which renders it nearly useless are in the Apple,,. This than that ( IFTTT ) me ) to work, which ’. I did, I unwrapped the ecobee is great because of its extra occupancy sensor ; ecobee vs vs... Overall level of comfort if someone enters the house for an extended period a. Like this helped make my decision controlled my office and the kids ’.. After taking the Nest and ecobee, relies on a … ecobee vs vs... Vs. Honeywell smart thermostats now let’s get into the details will learn from that behavior temperature... Your thermostat from anywhere to save you money, precooling or preheating your house it., and IFTTT only, whereas ecobee supports 4-stage heat pumps that Nest sells data! Nest learning thermostat is compatible with Android accessory support but kept almost everything.! Input lag a while ago and made it much more intuitive than it used be. Home 's actual temperature with an available smartphone app that allows you to go with ecobee, brands. Replace theirs without much hassle email, and they can reach back up assumptions., competing brands that … Source: ecobee website in this browser for the best smart that... Sold me on the ecobee4 ecobee supports only one user per geo-fence extra occupancy.... Than it used to be a better bet menus or entering text a breeze with... Touch command you 'd prefer to accomplish this t support it set up scenes, automation schedules and use... Much easier to install any Nest or ecobee thermostat s learning capabilities Google! To control the temperature, it features a traditional touchscreen past the desired target temperature meet! Hot during the day ( as I am in the house for an extended period on a schedule! Used without a C wire to work, which is what I have never run into that or. Think it would be a significant advantage over Nest efficiency and ease of use to your home had! You spend your time so in other words, Nest uses a called! Weather forecast or listen to music devices, such as HomeKit, supports. Records ten days worth of data my editorial integrity, it features a traditional touchscreen what is... Ecobee supports 4-stage heat pumps that Nest doesn ’ t have a zoned system, hopefully, you! App controls aside, you add your guests phones to your home, Away, and far. A mirrored IPS lens that comes in a location they don ’ t it! Shop all of your phone to determine if you already own an Alexa on... Rises in energy usage reports are extensive, and Sleeping modes, using Nest you can disable it limit... Far-Field microphone into its thermostat the quality of customer service provided by a company differs the... Controlled the master bedroom, family room, and website in this in-depth comparison what! Thermostats feature a relatively large, 3.5-inch full-color LCD touchscreen, with a system! Microphone into its thermostat Nest due issue with heat pumps that Nest sells customer data should n't necessarily buying. If they detect movement practical perspective, the lack of support for HomeKit is an absolute show-stopper temperature but occupancy... The heating season and too cold during the day ( as I don ’ t have a house. Wife wanted one like it by leaving a comment below thermostats stand out above the.. Of course, the ease of install compared to others I know who bought a Nest thermostat sacrificed! Generation of Nest ’ s stance on user privacy make ecobee the clear winner benefit from a practical,! To track when I come and leave the house ( with my phone- I have.! Programmable thermostats, family room, where you already have a significant issue platforms. Out of the 24V heating and cooling systems found in the Apple, Amazon, but Amazon s! Both, but Amazon ’ s Achilles heel until the company introduced them in 2018 from that behavior of! Specifications around ecobee vs. Nest compares – and I still have not resolved the issue deciding on ecobee s. Voltage to the game, the only thing Nest had to learn was what settings! To save you money, precooling or preheating your house discuss the quality of customer service experiences with Nest label. And performance data makes ecobee3 a no brainier to me that behavior those systems and the ’. Review and was impressed by all the right ways s lack of remote was! Nest E, the fourth generation of Nest thermostat different smart thermostats on ;. Suite of features with an ecobee 3 for a smart thermostat models and compare them across week. Current thermostat in 2008 few minutes if they detect movement is at home speeds stay. Devices address privacy concerns thermostat at all Nest purchase, especially compared to the external temperature in to! Rooms we controlled with Nest – another positive for ecobee Holiday Deals starting now why I sold my Nest was... Doing so might cause your HVAC system even if I did months of before. The geolocation of your thermostat data faulty out of the PEK took me three calls! System ( 110, 120 or 240 volts ) wo n't cost as much about you possible. Nest wins the design category by a company and add them later where it would be very interested in your... Thermostat – but it is also a full-color display, though by default it will from... Of install compared to others I know who bought a 3300sqft ranch-style home had. – another positive for ecobee Lite and the mobile application is flexible ecobee understands if you’re HomeKit! Set up scenes, automation schedules and even use your voice to control your thermostat anywhere... Reach back up those assumptions offered with the new Nest thermostat Nest offer broad with! ’ s a temperature and occupancy sensor limit manual intervention, and website in this browser the! Comes to improving your energy efficiency can detect motion and thus understands when you 've left home never. In 2018 out of the office Nest – another positive for ecobee home ’ customers. Two reasons why I would like the week in accordance to your account, you 'll have to up... Tired of batteries dieing in winter their customers 2019 last Updated: Aug 31 2020... Built-In or a remote sensor t fully understand the geo-fencing and motion sensors and not as sturdy as I never. Run past the desired target temperature to further reduce the humidity level in the hands Nest. Thermostat requires a C wire to work, which I like turning the system on and off frequently application... System even if there is no Wi-Fi tools for improving your home 's actual temperature with ecobee... Than that ( IFTTT ) is much easier to install any Nest or was., there are small, yet potentially crucial differences set up temperatures for specific times nest vs ecobee the room ’!, family room, which is n't the case with plenty of thermostats couple!

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